White Dutch Clover Seed


White Clover is a low growing, nitrogen-fixing perennial used in pastures, lawns, and deer plots. White Clover is used in high traffic areas to minimize soil compaction and can easily replace your excisting lawn. Once established, it grows rapidly and spreads via above-ground stems or stolons. White Clover works well when frost seeded into existing pastures in the spring. Grows 3 to 6 inches in height.

White clover likes to be mowed making it great in your lawn. Once mowed it will quickly produce more white flowers. Honey Bees and other pollinators love white clover and the honey it produces is some of the clearest and whites honey you will see.

Planting Instructions

1 lb / 454 g Package

Suggested seeding density is 8 lbs per acre

You can over-seed already planted areas using a grass seed planter or fertilizer spreader without tilling and create a mixed planting.


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