• Wellington County Winter Hive Wrap - 2 Hives, Double Deep - PICK UP ONLY - SOLD OUT FOR THE YEAR


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    The 2 hive double deep Wellington County Winter Wrap will cover 2 beehives that has 2 deep boxes or 3 medium boxes for the brood chamber.

    These wraps are made of 4mm black corrugated plastic with 5% U.V. protection. They are lightweight and are designed to fold and store easily during the summer months. These wraps have little to no water absorption to protect the hives from moisture over the winter. It will withstand temperature extremes as low as -27C.

    The Wellington County Beekeepers Association donates proceeds go towards supporting the OBA Tech - Transfer Research Program.

    Due to their large size we are unable to effectively ship them so they are PICK UP ONLY


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