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  • Varroa easyCheck


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    Varroa monitoring is now QUICKER, EASIER, and MORE RELIABLE!

    Véto-pharma has introduced an essential new tool to help beekeepers monitor Varroa infestations in their honey bee colonies. Varroa EasyCheck eliminates the mess and inconvenience of current practices, and makes monitoring Varroa infestations more accurate and reliable than ever before.
    Varroa EasyCheck is the result of intensive development and field testing by Véto-pharma.

    Designed for effectiveness: The filter basket is the key to EasyCheck’s reliability

    Quick and easy to use. Only 3 steps!

    Easily transportable and made from robust, solid material

    Varroa EasyCheck is available to beekeepers in Europe, the US, Canada and New-Zealand.


    Reserve your Spring 2020 Nuc NOW!!!