• Sunflower Honey - 500 g


    Sunflower Honey has a suptle honey flavour.  

    This is not Honey mixed with Sunflowers this is Honey the Honey Bees made while collecting nectar and pollinating Sunflower fields.

    What is more enticing to a Honey Bee than a beautiful field of Sunflowers.  Sunflower Honey is known as a superfood and has elevated levels of antioxidents, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  Sunflower Honey is an ideal honey to use in teas and drinks.  The mild taste of Sunflower Honey makes it an ideal supstitute for sugar in recipes where traditional honey could overpower the other ingredients.

    Sunflower Honey is a bit of a rarity.  We hope you enjoy the Honey Bees labour.


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