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Starter Hive Kit - 10 frame - 2 Deep Hive Bodies

C$144.60 C$137.37

Includes everything you need to get started with bees.

Kit includes:

  1. Inner Cover - Standard
  2. Inner Cover - Upper Entrance
  3. Inner Cover - Deluxe with Upper Entrance
  • Choice of Outer Cover
  • Choice of 20 Frames of either of the below types
      1. Plastic - Deep Frame - Wax Coated
      2. Ritecell Foundation & Wood Frame - Assembled - Deep
      3. Beeswax Foundation & Wood Frame - Assembled - Deep
    All Wooden Ware and Bee Hive Boxes are Made in Canada with Canadian Pine.

    We have more Hive Kits available as well as Canadian Made Wooden Ware and a wide selection of Beekeeping Supplies and Beekeeping Equipment.


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