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  • Hive Share - Help Save the Bees


    Do you like the idea of being a Beekeeper, but do not have the time or space required to do so?  Would you like to do your part in assisting a beekeeper in housing Honey Bees and share in the bounty? 

    Our Hive Share Program might be what you are looking for.

    Unlike other Hive Share programs, our program pays you back for your investment dollar for dollar.  For every dollar invested you will receive the equal value in Hive products at harvest time.  Your investment allows a Beekeeper to have access to the resources to set up beehives and produce Honey Bees, Honey, Pollen, Beeswax and Propolis.

    At Harvest time you have access to a wide variety of hive products and will receive an amount equal to the initial investment you made.

    How it works...

    Let us say that you purchase 20 Shares.  Your total investment in a beehive is $200.  That money goes to a Beekeeper and allows that Beekeeper to invest that money into Bees, Beekeeping Equipment and Beekeeping Supplies.  Although a beehive may cost $400 or more to set up, your money combines with that of others like you and will pool together to finance the beehive.

    The bees will grow and spend the year collecting pollen and nectar.  At the end of the year at harvest time you now get repaid in full for your investment by sharing in the harvest and you will receive an amount of Local Hive products equal to the investment you made.

    You can select from the following products:

    • Honey - $12 per kg
    • Pollen - $12 per 454 grams
    • Propolis Tincture - $17 per 40 ml
    • Beeswax - $22 per kg
    You can mix and match the products that you would like and customize your harvest so that you get only the products that you would use.  You could take Your Harvest all in Honey or you could take a little Beeswax, some Pollen and a little Honey.  You could decide to take it all in Pollen and Propolis Tincture, or you could donate Your Harvest to the Local Food Bank.

    How great is that?

    Each share is worth $10.  The more you shares you invest in, the more you will be rewarded with in the fall!!!

    Knowing that you are contributing to Local Food, Helping out a Beekeeper, doing your part to increase the number of Honey Bees in Ontario and also Sharing in the Harvest.

    It is quite simple to get started.  Just select how many shares you would like to purchase for the 2017 season and continue with the checkout process.  That is all it takes.  You can now say that you are doing your part.  

    Your Hive Share purchase is a pre-payment and has no cash value and is only repayable in Hive products as listed above.  It is not transferable nor refundable.  Your purchase of a Hive Share does not implicate or infer ownership of Bees, Equipment or Supplies, it is simply a pre-payment for future goods.  Once the initial investment in Hive Share is re-paid in hive products, the transaction is deemed complete.  You are pre-purchasing the hive products, not the hives nor the bees.


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