Sainfoin Seed


Sainfoin is a perennial legume in the same family as alfalfa, can grow 3-4 feet tall and is topped with a showy pinkish-purple flower head. Its flowers produce superior quality honey. Sainfoin produces large amounts of nectar and pollen and attract honey bees and other local pollinators.

Sainfoin can attract up to 10 times more honey bees than white clover and produces a honey that is light gold in color with a very distinct, delicate flavor. Beekeepers with access to acres of sainfoin are truly privileged.

Sainfoin is a Drought Tolerant and Low-Maintenance Perennial Pasture Crop.

Planting Instructions

1 lb / 454 g Package

Suggested seeding density is 30 lbs per acre

In freshly tilled soil, you can broadcast plant at the prescribed rate using a grass seed planter.  You can also over-seed already planted areas without tilling and create a mixed planting.

Best if planted in the Spring or Fall.


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