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Graeme Foers is an Ontario Beekeeper and Queen Breeder from Essa, Ontario.  Graeme has been working towards breeding resilient bees.  That means honey bees that don't just survive, but thrive in todays beekeeping environment.

Queens are Bred for the following 9 traits:
    • Hygienic behaviour
    • Low Varroa Growth
    • Brood Pattern
    • Overwintering Ability
    • Spring Build-up
    • Gentleness
    • Honey Production
    • Low Swarming Tendency
    • Propolis Collection

His queens are bread to overwinter well and use little honey stores with a rapid spring build up to be ready to produce honey late May. As a member of the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection Program (ORHBS) all of his queens are grafted from hygienic stock and have also been breeding for Low Varroa Growth.  We are beginning to see those traits coming through in our hives. When you buy one of Graeme's queens you are buying a queen that we would be proud to use in our own Apiary. 

Support an Ontario Queen Breeder and help us bee sustainable.
Buy a Graeme Foers Queen.

If you would like to know more about Graeme Foers and Lost Meadow Apiary & Meadery please go to their website at https://graemefoers.com/


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