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  • QUEEN - Chilean - Available Starting April 2018


    These Queens are imported from Nunez in Chile.

    Chile has the same climate that Canada does and the same parasitic stresses.  Queens from Chile are bred to be hygienic.

    Chilean Queens should perform very favorably in our environment.

    Great and affordable early Spring Queens
    A good alternative to the pricey US Queens

    Chilean Queens will be available starting the middle of April, 2018.

    They are available on a first come first serve basis.

    I Ship Queens with Canada Post Priority Mail.  If you require shipping, you will be contacted to pay the additional amount of the actual cost of postage and handling.  If you would like a postal quote please contact me.  We do not ship outside of Ontario

    We will have Ontario Queen Bees available in June


    Reserve your Spring 2018 Nuc NOW!!!