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We produce 30,000 queen bees ourselves in the autumn, to meet overseas requirements. The autumn is a great time to raise queens as New Zealand has more settled weather then, than at any other time of the year. The breeding stock we use, often artificially inseminated, is purchased from the top queen breeder in New Zealand, David Yanke, who purchased his original stock from 3 queen breeding Institutes in Europe, namely Lunz, Austria; Kirchhain, Germany; and Mayen, Germany. These Institutes concentrate on varroa tolerance. Yanke’s evaluation has shown that his Carnica bees are much more varroa tolerant than the yellow Italian bees he used to have. Feedback from other commercial beekeepers and my own experience backs this up. One huge advantage we have in New Zealand is that we produce our Carniolan queens away from Small Hive Beetles and EFB which unfortunately, is present in Australia. We do feed Fumidil to our mating hives and cell raisers. We find this helps greatly in reducing supercedure of our queen bees. We have good opportunity to test our queen production in many climatic conditions throughout New Zealand. We are farming 20,000 hives of bees in total for pollination of pip and stone fruit, kiwifruit, blueberries and many other crops, produce a lot of extracted honey and comb honey. I believe our honey production is greater than the average honey production in New Zealand, despite doing a lot of pollination, which would indicate to us that we must be producing queens of good quality. When ordering queens for the export market we do have minimum order requirements to make one parcel.


Reserve your Spring 2020 Nuc NOW!!!