• ProVap EZ 110 Commercial Vaporizer


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    ProVap EZ 110 – Our Easiest to Use Vaporizer Yet!
    FINALLY, a Vaporizer That You Can Use Standing Up! No Caps! No Measuring! No More Bending to Vaporize Hives!
    Just point the vaporizer stem into the hive opening, dip the open end of the delivery capsule into the oxalic acid then slide the capsule down the tube. That’s it! This will release the OA from the capsule into the heating chamber. The capsule when dipped into the OA picks up two grams… just the right amount for a double brood box hive. How? Oxalic acid is normally slightly damp and the capsule uses the “stickiness” of the damp OA to capture the correct 2-gram amount.

    This ProVap EZ is made from 304 stainless steel and comes in two connective pieces for easy transportation. We named it the ProVap EZ 110 because we took all the best properties of the original ProVap 110 and made the EZ the easiest vaporizer on the market to use!

    Want to see it in action?

    Instruction Guide:
    This sublimator (a more accurate term than vaporizer, but we’ll use the term vaporizer as most know it by this name) is strictly for use in a grounded 110 volt (3 prong) socket.

    You use the ProVap EZ in the front entrance.

    Connect the 2 parts of the EZ together and tighten the connection.

    Connect the vaporizer to your 110 volt power source. I like to use an inverter connected to 12 volt battery as it never fails (as maybe a generator would). The inexpensive Cen-Tech power inverters from Harbor Freight work great. It will take approximately 2 minutes to reach operating temperature. The red sequence readout will display 250 when ready.

    Place the stem of the vaporizer in the front entrance. Then take the included capsule and dip it into the OA. The dampness of the OA will hold the OA in the capsule. Note: the capsule is constructed to hold 2 grams! Slide the capsule into the stem and place your thumb over the stem hole (this holds the steam from escaping). When the capsule descends to the heating chamber it will release the OA to start sublimating. The temperature will drop when that occurs. When the temperature again rises to 250, in about 20-30 seconds, you’re finished. Turn the EZ upside down to release the capsule to move onto the next hive.

    It is not unusual to see the temperature rise above 250 during treatments. This is normal and well within tolerances.

    The temperature is preset for 250C. This is the correct setting for this vaporizer. Do not attempt to change it.

    You must use a respirator that is rated for organic or acid gas. Make sure you buy one with replaceable filters. You are going to work in a heavy OA environment. The 3M full face model 6800 with #60923 filters is a good choice. Heavy, heat resistant gauntlet gloves are a must as well.

    The vaporizer is a 110-volt electrical appliance, 500 watts, 4.5 amps.

    After you have completed your treatments, you must clean the bowl with water. Make sure that water flows out through the stem. You can do this while the vaporizer is still warm from usage but make sure it is not attached to a power source! This cleaning is to prevent build-up in OA that may block the stem. A cup of water is sufficient. Turn the vaporizer upside down (tube pointed down) to drain any excess water after the water has flowed through the stem.


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