• Oxalic Acid Vaporizor - JB200 Electric Vaporizer


    The JB200 is powered by a 12-Volt car battery.

    The vaporizer is best suited to wooden beehives, and not recommended for use in Styrofoam hives. An entrance clearance of 1/2 inch or 12 mm is required.  The JB 200 comes with heat protection for the acid tray to prevent scorching. Seal the hive for at least 10 minutes after application using a foam strip. The treatment takes approx 60 seconds, but depends on the power of each individual battery, therefore; we recommend that you perform an initial test outside the hive, to establish the evaporation time for your particular battery.  Vaporizers come with a measuring spoon for measuring Oxalic Acid crystals and also  comes with Oxalic Acid application instructions.

    The treatment with JB200 Electric Vaporizer can be applied 12 months of the year as long as the temperature are 3-5 degrees above freezing point. (With this system, it is possible to connect several vaporizers " in-line " to treat more than one colony at the time.)


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