• 5 Frame Equipment - Observation Hive


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    Do you sell your honey at farmer's markets?
    Do you do talks and presentations at schools or other venues?
    Do you just want an extremely neat beehive so that you can watch your bee fro the outside in?

    This observation hive is awesome!

    It has a base which is a 5 frame nuc.  The upper section with the observation windows has two removable wooden panels to expose the frame that you want people to see. There is a queen excluder under the observation section so that you can lock the Queen in the top section for viewing. and a lockable entrance to let the bees fly when the observation hive is not in use.

    It is fully vented and all lathes and opening can be locked so as to ensure no bees can escape.

    Make a statement at the market this year or share the joy of beekeeping in real time with your audience.
    All Wooden Ware and Bee Hive Boxes are Made in Canada with Canadian Pine.

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