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  • Nuc Box - Wellington County Chloroplast Nuc Box - PICK UP ONLY


    The Wellington County Nuc Box is a lightweight and strong four frame Nuc box made of 3 mm polypropylene (corrugated plastic similar to our winter wraps) that is rain resistant when left in the bee yard.  A portion of the price of each Wellington County Nuc Box goes to support the Ontario Beekeepers' Association's Tech Transfer Program.

    This box can also be used by beekeepers to make splits and swarm catching. A perforated lower front entrance can be cut open to allow the bees to come and go, or taped closed to confine the bees for transportation. There is a three quarters of an inch space above the frames to put pollen patties, fondant, or granulated sugar.

    There is perforated ventilation holes at the front and back of the box that can be cut open for transportation and taped closed when not needed. Bug screen (not included) can be taped or glued between the two full end pieces of the box. Alternatively, ventilation holes can be installed on the top or sides of the box.

    This box is proudly made in Ontario of #5 plastic, so it can be recycled through the blue box program.

    Proceeds go to support the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association, Tech Transfer Program.


    Reserve your Spring 2020 Nuc NOW!!!