• 10 Frame Equipment - Inner Cover - Deluxe with Upper Entrance


    This Inner Cover is about 4 inches thick it also has a whole in the center.  It also has a notch in the lip to give your hive an upper entrance and help with ventilation.  The extra deep thickness allows you to add insulation for the winter.  Adding Insulation for the winter will help reduce condensation and moisture in your hive.

    The hole allows the inner cover to work with both the Hive Top Feeder or the Plastic Feeder Pail

    You may also be interested in the Bee Escape, which is easily attached over the center whole to create a bee escape board.

    All Wooden Ware and Bee Hive Boxes are Made in Canada with Canadian Pine.

    We have more Hive Kits available as well as Canadian Made Wooden Ware and a wide selection of Beekeeping Supplies and Beekeeping Equipment.


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