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Increase Essentials


"Increase Essentials" by Lawrence John Connor

Popular beekeeping lecturer and Bee Culture magazine author Dr. Larry Connor examines essentials aspects of making new bee colonies, from swarms or packages, pruchased hives or nuclei. He looks at the impact of modern life on bees and beekeeping, and the changes and challenges every beekeeper faces in light of varroa mites and African bees. He suggest that for many beekeepers, the option of wintering nucleus colonies provides a source of fresh bees, locally acclimatized queens, replacement hives, colonies for operational growth, and colonies for sale. Drawing on the concepts of Langstroth, Doolittle and Brother Adam (Buckfast Abbey), Connor distills his unique academic and commercial beekeeping experiences -- working with bees, beekeeping, queen rearing, colony managment and pollination -- and creates a concise and thought-provoking work


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