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  • Global Patties 4% Pollen - 40 lb case


    Global 4% Pollen Protein Patties - 40 lb Case

    Global Patties have been the Canadian Beekeeping Industry Standard for Protein Supplements for years.
    Used extensively in Western Canada by some of Canada's largest beekeepers.
    Use what the Professional Beekeeper uses.
    Use Global Patties.

    These 15% Protein Patties contain pollen are made with 4% real bee pollen and 11% additional protein. The Bee Pollen content in these patties has been scientifically proven to make the patties much more readily accepted by bees.

    The 4% Pollen Patty is an economical and scientifically proven supplement to assist your bees in building up their colony when natural forms of pollen are not readily available.

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    Feeding pollen early stimulates the hive to start building up early so that your bees are at maximum strength for the honey flow. 

    It is suggested that you feed 1 to 3 of the 4% Pollen Patties on top of the Brood Chamber of each of my hives in early March and continue to feed Global Pollen Patties right through until the mid Spring pollen bloom.

    Unused patties  can be frozen to preserve freshness.

    The Global 4% Pollen Patties are also available in a 10 lb case for the smaller beekeeper.
    For a Premium Higher Pollen alternative we also have the Global 15% Pollen Patties available in a 40 lb case or in a 10 lb case 


    Reserve your Spring 2018 Nuc NOW!!!