Feed Bee Protein Powder - 20kg Bag


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The Pollen Substitute Diet That Works!

Feedbee is a Highly Palatable, Nutritionally Balanced, and Highly Efficient Pollen Substitute Diet for Honeybees.

Feedbee has been developed from the advanced research pertaining to:

  • Honeybee nutritional requirements
  • The composition of natural pollen
  • The nutrient contents of more than 255 feed ingredients
  • Incorporating the advanced dietetic principles of animals and insects by which modern feeds are developed

Feedbee can be used throughout the year. Using this protein diet will result in benefits such as:

  • Doubling Brood Rearing
  • Doubling Colony Population
  • Doubling Honey Crop

Feedbee pollen substitute provides a Highly Digestible Protein with balanced Essential Amino Acids required for Honeybees and Bumble bees.

Feedbee provides to colonies a High Level of Vitamins and Minerals that are key to bees' resistance against common diseases (e.g. AFB, EFB) and common pests (e.g. Verroa Mites, Tracheal Mites).

The Feedbee protein diet is a Giant Step for the Science of Apiculture and the Beekeeping Industry in the world.


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