• Extractor Rental - Manual Kit


    Rent this Manual 6/3 Frame Stainless Steel Extractor and all of the accessories that you will need to harvest your honey crop.
    Rental includes:
    • Manual 6/3 Frame Maxant Stainless Steel Extractor
    • Manual Uncapping Knife
    • Decapping Scratcher
    • Uncapping Tank
    • 2 Stage Stainless Steel Strainer
    Daily Rental is $35 per day starting at 9:00 am with return being by 9:00 am the day after.
    Weekend Rates are $70 with pick up on Friday at 9:00 am and Drop off Monday morning by 9:00 am

    Please call to book a reservation 705-456-5093

    A cleaning / security deposit of $250 is required.

    We also have Food Grade Pails, Honey Gates, and all the Jars and Honey Containers you will need to bottle your harvest,


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