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  • BeeDry Winter Hive Wrap - Moisture Control Pillow - SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON


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    Canadian made for extreme Canadian winters!!

                            "It is known fact that when cold and warm air collide condensation (moisture) will develop."

    BeeDry is a radiant foil insulation hive wrap, with a top cover insert, moisture control pillow. The pillow wicks away condensation (moisture) build up within the hive, trapping it in the pillow. Therefore bees won't get wet and freeze. BeeDry helps keep air at a constant temperature inside the hive by reflecting (97% of) the radiant heat of bees back to the cluster, at the same time reflecting (97%) outside temperatures away from the hive. BeeDry is durable and reusable.  It will last for years and year.

    Unlike other winter wraps, BeeDry winter wraps are not attractive to mice.

    • 1 BeeDry Top Cover Insert with Moisture Control Pillow


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