• Clarifier - Innisfil Creek - 36" Gravity Clarifier - Made in Canada - SPECIAL ORDER


    Innisfil Creek Honey Processing Equipment is now making their own Gravity Honey Clarifiers

    The 36" Gravity Honey Clarifier can handle the flow from an extractor of less than 20 frames.  It is a great way to pre-filter most of the cappings from your honey before the honey goes into the filter.  Save time and frustration and clean your filters less and end up with a clearer, more professional looking product.

    • 18 Gauge Stainless steel double wall tanks
    • 2 adjustable baffles to hold back contaminants
    • Water Jacketed compartment completely closed
    • No steam or water getting into your honey
    • 120 volt 1700 watt immersion heater with adjustable thermostat. 


    How a Clarifier Works… 

    Warm water jacketed tank heats the honey, decreasing its viscosity so that is flows under each of the 2 baffles.  The lighter impurities and wax cappings float to the top, are held back by the baffles and are easily skimmed off.  Honey is pumped from the end chamber from the center of the compartment, leaving heavy debris on the bottom and lighter impurities on top.  You are left with natural, clear honey that can be easily filtered to remove smaller impurities without constantly clogging your filters, Saving you Time, Money and Frustration. 

    Due to weight and size extra shipping may apply.


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