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    Repopulate your Winter loses early and have a fully productive hive ready to Pollinate in May and collect Honey by June.  Package bees are a great way to fill up those empty boxes that didin't make it through winter or an excellent way to quickly expand your Apiary early and have hives resdy for pollination or honey production.

    Bee Packages include a mated Queen of the currant year and about 2.5 lbs of worker bees.  The difference between a package of bees and a Nuc is that a package of bees has not home so mimics the behaviour of a swarm.  Once a package of bees is shaken into a hive and given a honey frame, they will grow twice as fast as a nuc in my experience.  

    If you would like to replenish your winter losses early and get a head start on the season with a full Apiary then Package Bees are the way to go.

    Package bees will be arriving early April and must be picked up the day they arrive.  Arrival date will be confirmed closer to the date once flights are booked.  Please make sure that you are able to adjust your schedule to pick them up the date they land in Canada.  Refunds will not be given for Bee Packages that are not picked up or are picked up late.

    Due to the fact that they are coming from another country, if pricing from suppliers or currency exchange rates fluctuates then pricing may change.


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