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  • Candle Mould - Drip Pillar Candle 2.75" x 3"


    The 2.75" wide x 3" tall Drip Pillar silicone mould makes a pillar candle that has a natural flowing dripped wax look.

    The Silicone Mould produces a candle that weighs approximately 300 grams of beeswax.  Producing a Beeswax Candle that has a burn time fo 35 - 45 hours.

    The suggested Candle Wick for this mould is our #4 or #5 Cotton Square Braided Candle Wick

    Our Silicone Candle Moulds are made of a soft, durable silicone rubber, allowing for excellent detail and easy candle removal. The Silicone Candle mould is extremely durable and will allow you to make hundreds of candles out of each mould with proper handling


    Reserve your Spring 2020 Nuc NOW!!!