• 2 - Beekeeping Course - Medication, Winter Preparation

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    Fall Preparation Course Schedule

    This is a hands on Beekeeping course.

    This course is designed to teach you how to harvest Honey, Medicate your Bees and Prepare for Winter.

    The Course will be held out of doors at the Shop and we will be outside to Demonstrate how to check for Varroa Mites and treat hives so please bring your Veil, Jacket or Suit and be prepared to spend the afternoon outside.

    By now we all know what bees look like.  We will be learning how to keep them alive through the winter.

    The Course is broken down into 3 Sections:

    Honey Harvesting:

    A very quick overview of the different methods of removing honey from the hive, extracting honey, filtering it, bottling it and Labeling Requirements.


    We will discuss and demonstrate the treatment options for our bees and Discuss Varroa Mite, Tracheal Mite, American Foul Brood and Nosema.  We will discuss and demonstrate how to check for Varroa Mite levels and how to administer treatments to our hives.

    Winter Preparation:

    Fall Feeding will be covered as well as wrapping and insulating your hives for winter.  Hive placement and wind breaks will also be discussed as well as emergency winter feeding.

    Fall Preparation Beekeeping Course are held every Wednesday starting in August 2023

    I have put the course as being 3 hours but I am available longer for questions and the Shop will be open for Attendees afterwards if you would like to purchase any Equipment or Supplies.

    Book your spot today.

    Due to the limited spaces available, refunds will not be given if you cancel or are a no show.

    You must be 18 years of age or older to attend the course.

    Children 12 years or older may attend if accompanied by a parent.  (Limited to 1 child per Adult and yes, the child has to pay for their spot also).

    We have limited space so please do not bring young children nor pets.


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