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  • Band Heater for Drum - 50 Gallon Metal


    BriskHeat® Metal Drum (DHCS15) are designed to provide practical, portable, efficient means of decrystaizing and heating honey. Bucket Heaters come with built-in thermostat for adjustable temperature control.  The DHCS15 Metal Drum Heater is adjustable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to help protect your honey from being over heated,

    • Built-in Adjustable thermostat control.
    • Extra-wide 4" (102mm) wide heater coverage.
    • Grounded Heating Element
    • Moisture and chemical resistant.
    • Can be used on metal and plastic drums.
    • Durable reinforced silicone rubber provides excellent strength and flexibility for long service life.
    • Excellent solution for a wide range of poly and plastic drum & bucket heating applications.

    CE   RoHS    CSA

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