• Assembled and Painted Deep Hive Box - USED

    C$27.85 C$17.85

    These boxes are used in good working condition. They will have wax, propolis and other hive debris on them. SOLD AS IS/FINAL SALE

    USED Assembled and Painted Deep Hive Boxes

    Our 10 Frame Langstroth Deep Hive Body is constructed with Canadian Pine.  Assembled using Glue and Nails and painted with a quality Exterior Latex Paint.

    They are 9 5/8" in height and are made from 7/8" Canadian pine and made in Canada.  Notched hand holds on all 4 sides. Suitable for Honey Supers or for the Brood Chamber.

    Due to there size we are unable to cost effectively ship assembled boxes.  Therefore they are Pick Up Only unless you call for a freight quote.


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