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  • Antique Style Metal Sign - CUSTOM Honey for Sale


    Do you want to get an edge on your competition.  Promote your honey by making a Custom Local Honey For Sale Sign.

    We can modify the text on our sign so that it says anything you want.  Do you live in the Bluffs?  How nice would an antique sign be if it said Local Bluffs Honey For Sale and look like it had been around for years?

    Put your Apiary Name on the Sign.  Put your house address.  What ever you would like it to say can be added.

    Take your advertising and promotion up a notch.  Show people that your Honey is Local and Unique.  Customize a sign to get your story across.  Really stand out at the farmers market.

    These signs are 18" x 24" and are printed on Aluminum Composite, The 4 corners are rounded and there are 2 mounting holes to secure the sign to a post or wall.

    Get a Customized Honey for Sale Sign and really make people look.


    Reserve your Spring 2018 Nuc NOW!!!