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  • 8 Frame Equipment - Bottom Board - Screened


    8 Frame Screened Bottom Board

    Our Side to Side Screened Bottom Board allows you to slide the tray either out the left or right side.  This allows you to place your hive against a wall on pallets or against a fence and still pull out the tray and monitor for Varroa Mites.

    With the Varroa screen you can  monitor your mites by removing the tray for doing mite count, adding ventilation, or cleaning out hive debris without opening the hive.

    All Wooden Ware and Bee Hive Boxes are Made in Canada with Canadian Pine.

    We have more Hive Kits available as well as Canadian Made Wooden Ware and a wide selection of Beekeeping Supplies and Beekeeping Equipment.


    Reserve your Spring 2020 Nuc NOW!!!