• 4 Way Beehive Pallet


    4 Way Beehive Pallet for 10 Frame Bee Hives

    Our 4 way pallets can be used to hold 4 - 10 frame beehives on one pallet.  Lift easily with fork lift and move to a different location or set up in your bak yard and lave it. Our migratory pallets work well for both back yard hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. Pallets can hold 4 bee hives.  There are 4 screened drainage wholes to reduce moisture accumulation and the entrances are offset to reduce drifting.

    Makes for better overwintering as the hives can share the heat of their neighbours and consolidates 4 beehives into a small space.

    Whether you are a hobiest or a commercial operator, a 4 way beehive pallet could work for you.

    Our 4 Way Beehive Pallet is constructed from Canadian Pressure Treated Lumber for years of service.

    Please note: This product is for pick up or ships by freight ONLY. If you would like to have this product shipped, we will contact you with a shipping quote that must be paid for before this product will ship. Please feel free to contact us for a shipping estimate before purchasing this product.


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