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  • 10 Frame Equipment - Pollen Trap - Innisfil Creek Pollen Trap


    Quality, Innovation and Intelligent design

    The Innisfil Creek Honey Pollen Trap Includes many features to make it work better than others and to be easy to operate and maintain.

    • Front Harvesting Drawer – perfect for placing on skids. You can place your hives right beside each other or up against fences and easily access the harvesting drawer. No matter where you place your hive you can always access the front.
    • Handle on Harvesting Drawer – easy to grasp and harvest your pollen. No more fiddling with drawers trying to open them.
    • Nylon Screening on Harvest Drawer
    • Plastic Feat – Your Pollen Trap is an investment. The plastic feet on our traps keeps the wood off of the ground and ensures that our traps will last for a long, long time.
    • Steel Metal Components
    • Front Open / Close Wedge with Handle
    • Built in Drone Escapes
    • Nylon Screening
    • Assembled with Rust Resistant Screws

    • Made in Canada Harvest Pollen, Make Money and have a Pollen Trap that will Last!!!


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