• 1 - Beginner Beekeeping Course - 2023 - SOLD OUT

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    Beginner Beekeeping Courses

    On Site Beginner Beekeeping Course.
    Held inside the Beekeeping Shop.  Bring a drink and a snack and learn about bees.
    Everyone taking the course will be guaranteed space on our Nuc List so you can start beekeeping in 2023!!

    This is an interactive Beginner Beekeeping course.
    We do not show slid shows and make you sit in the dark.

    If you have an interest in becoming a Beekeeper and would like to learn the steps to start a successful hobby or business then this is the course for you.

    After this course you will have the knowledge to confidently start a bee hive and continue your journey to becoming a Bee Keeper.


    • Introduction to the Honey Bee and Bee Keeping
    • Queen, Drone and Worker Bee Identification
    • Bee Hive Components
    • Bee Hive Placement
    • How to handle Honey Bees and Frames of Brood
    • How to introduce a Nucleus Hive to a Beehive
    • Diseases, Medication overview
    • Nutritional Requirements of the Honey Bee
    • Maintaining a hive and getting it ready to thrive and grow.
    The course is held indoors and the class will proceed snow, rain or shine.

    Book your spot for the course.  There is really no strict end time for the course.  We are available afterwards as long as there are questions.  This course is about learning and making sure that you have the skills required to succeed.

    This is a great present that any aspiring Beekeeper would love.

    Course must be paid for to reserve your spot.  Limited space is available.  Sign up now before you miss out.

    Due to the limited spaces available, refunds will not be given if you cancel or are a no show.

    You must be 18 years of age or older to attend the course.  Children 12 years or older may attend if accompanied by a parent.  (Limited to 1 child per Adult).

    We have limited space so please do not bring young children nor pets.


    Reserve your Spring Nuc NOW!!!