Innisfil Creek Honey is a Family Run Apiary located in beautiful Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. We sell Beekeeping Supplies and Beekeeping Equipment.  We are not a large faceless corporation like so many honey producers. We work our hives and handle our bees ourselves as well as harvest and bottle our own honey.

We are located about 10 minutes south of Barrie, Ontario and about 45 minutes north of Toronto.  We are close to Bradford, Newmarket and Aurora.

Innisfil is in an area of mixed woods, vegetable fields and mixed agriculture. The area provides the perfect environment for bees to thrive on.  They work their lives harvesting nectar and pollen to pollinate our crops and produce the sweetness of their labor which is the Honey they provide.

All of our honey is produced by us. Our honey is un-pasteurized and contains all of the goodness that nature intended it to have. We have a limited amount of Honey available throughout the year. If you are interested in our honey for sale please see our honey page for details.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Brian Scott
Beekeeper and Owner

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