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  • QUEEN - California - SOLD OUT


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    These Queens are imported from Olivarez in California.

    We will have New World Carniolan (NWC) and Italian (Min Hyg) available.
    They are open mated with Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) Drones.
    Californian Queen performance is usually very reliable. Ships in California mini cages.

    Great early Spring Queens.

    Increased supplier pricing and the declining Canadian dollar means expensive queens from the USA this year.

    I have 100 New World Carniolan available each week starting April 19th.

    Pick Up Dates are:
    April 18 - 100 New World Carniolan
    April 25 - 100 New World Carniolan
    May 2 - 100 New World Carniolan
    May 9 - 100 New World Carniolan
    May 16 - 100 New World Carniolan
    May 23 - 100 New World Carniolan

    They are available on a first come first serve basis.  Queens are coming in in limited Quantities so are not reserved unless they are paid for.

    We will have Ontario Queen Bees available in June


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