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  • Nucleus Hives - 4 Deep Frame Nuc Hive Deposit - June 2017 Pick Up - CALL FOR AVAILABILITY


    This is the deposit on a 2017 Spring 4 Deep Frame Nucleus Hive. These Nucs will be packed with bees and brood.  They will include 4 drawn frames with 2 - 3 frames of brood and 1 - 2 frame of honey and pollen with a 2017 Laying Queen Bee.  Nucs are supplied in a disposable Nuc Box to make transportation convenient.

    Nucs will be ready to go starting the middle of May.  Get your reservation in early to reserve your spot in line.

    Full Price of the 2017 Spring 4 Deep Frame Nucleus Hive is $185.
    Each $50 deposit Guarantees you 1 Nuc.
    The remaining $135 for each Nucleus Hive is payable on Pick Up

    This is your chance to pick up a nuc and expand your apiary in the Spring of 2017.

    Deposits on Nucleus Hives are not refundable.

    Our Apiary is inspected by an Ontario Apiary Inspector and our bees are approved for sale.

    We are a certified Ontario Honeybee Queen, Nucleus and Colony Producer

    !!! Buy with Confidence !!!

    PICK UP ONLY - I will not be shipping Nucs in 2017

    I may deliver larger group orders.  Get together with your bee club and save the drive!!!

    You might also be interested in combining the purchase of your NUC with one of our Hive Kits or with our Spring Beginner Beekeeping Course


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